How We Rate and Review The Social Media Service Providers:

Our Review Process:
(Social Media Services, Websites & Apps)
A lot of hard work and research goes into testing which social media services, platforms, and which of their services are best. We, at SocialNetworkReviews, have created a system over the past 7+ years that our readers trust. It is because we immerse ourselves in the subject every single day, it gives us the opportunity to give you the most in-depth, unbiased review of any given product, service or category related to Social Media Marketing Websites.


We try their services
We look for Customer’s feedback on various website and social platforms.
Check the Website’s Authenticity- (Google Page Rank, On Page SEO Factors, Social Media Engagement)

User Experience:
Look for the “S” in HTTPS
Check for the website privacy policy
Check for refund policy in case something goes wrong
Find their contact information
Know the signs of website malware

Then comes an independent review of what each resource has to offer. Some things to keep in mind including service delivery time, service quality, and service availability. We also run multiple speed tests from different locations using different VPNs to check website loading speed and website availability. Like all online reviews platforms, our website is intended to provide a forum for honest discussion between vendors and users who will purchase their services. We want you, our readers, to know who is behind the scenes working hard to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information on these websites.

We review everything and only recommend services that streamline management, such as by using modernizing techniques or taking other approaches. The result is real and organic growth with better social media presence.

We Sign Up and Pay
There are review sites out there that don’t even try the product offered. Our team actually signs up for different services, apps, and tools, so the reviews are honest, accurate, and up-to-date.

Give their customer support a (real!) test run
NEVER trust a company who promises “best in class” customer service. We submit support tickets, make phone calls, get on chat and more to test and check their responding speed and the competence of the support team on the other end when dealing with common service issues.

Compare service cost vs service value
Yep, Service pricing is important. Because there’s no sense in a free service (i.e. Likes, Followers, and Views) that compromises your privacy, or an expensive service that offers nothing superior to a cheaper one.

Still have questions regarding our review process? Did you come across a site that is not acting very ethically with you? Don’t hesitate to write to us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the contents that we work so hard to publish.