At present Instagram is one of most trending social app in the market for sharing the regular updates about our lives or business or any hot news about the celebrities. It is now turned to be the most important marketing tool than other social channels. Many social media polls report that Instagram is the only single platform to attract the followers or get more Instagram followers through their visual content. This serves as an excellent platform for young artists, musicians and rappers alike; for a bunch of striking videos or a couple of gorgeous profile pictures can make you quite famous, provided you use this photo and video sharing social networking app effectively.

Best Websites To Buy Instagram Followers

Getting Instagram followers is one of the hardest things to do. Thankfully, there are businesses that specialize in this arena and can get the job done for you. However, just as you have your own competition, similarly there are several other vendors out there offering you, what they call “the best deals.”
So before buying Instagram followers, it is good practice to create a goal as to how many Instagram followers you want to gain so that you will have something to measure your progress and figure out when it isn’t working. Assign specific and measurable parameters around it.

Here are the top 10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers:

#1 SMMSumo

Rating: 5.0/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $39
Order: Buy Instagram Followers

SMMSumo has been a good performer in the industry for the past five years. They offer guaranteed quality likes and claim to be one of the few companies that guarantee their service. SMMSumo states that the likes they help you acquire are from real profiles and will remain. We ordered 5000 Instagram followers to test their services, and we were not disappointed. We received high-quality followers, and we even got more than what we ordered. Overall, SMMSumo is one of the highest-quality Instagram follower providers around, with a well above average retention rate and a solid retention guarantee to boot. Apart from increasing followers for your Instagram profile, they also offers growth and engagement services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and SoundCloud. With 24*7 customer support, a team of seasoned experts and a knack for quality promotion, SMMSumo makes sure you are pleased from start to finish. We recommend SMMSumo as the Best Website To Buy Instagram Followers.

The Daily Turnaround Time for SMMSumo is given below:

#2 FollowersZeal

Rating: 4.9/5
We purchased: 3000 Instagram Followers
Price: $26
Order: Buy Instagram Followers

FollowersZeal has been a good performer in the industry for more than 7+ Years. They stated that the followers they help you acquire are real Instagram users and will remain. We bought 3,000 Instagram Followers from FollowersZeal to see if their products and services could live up to the hype. We received high-quality followers and with more than what we ordered from them. The order was processed within 24-hours after purchasing the order and was completed within 2 days. As every pack from this site comes with 2 years free refill protection and money back guarantee, you can rest assured that the transaction and deal will be genuine. Their customer support is top-notch, with a very friendly (and quick) response to our questions. We also noticed that they keeps updating their website and their prices are quite low compared to other websites. We recommend the services of FollowersZeal to anyone who wants to boost their social proof on Instagram.

#3 AlwaysViral

Rating: 4.7/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $39
Order: Buy Instagram Followers

AlwaysViral is a social media marketing company, offering services for a variety of social networks. Their website appears very professional, unlike a lot of other companies in this industry. We ordered 5,000 Instagram Followers from AlwaysViral to see if they could deliver what they promise. We were very satisfied with our followers as they arrived on time, and looked like real Instagram users. They have great money-back and retention policies in place in case you happen to have an issue. Overall we definitely recommend the services of AlwaysViral if you want to boost your credibility on Instagram.

#4 QQSumo

Rating: 4.6/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $39
Order: Buy Instagram Followers

QQSumo is a company that offers social media boosting services. They have a long track record as they have been in business since 2013, and are based in the London, UK. You’ll find services for Facebook YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more still. Ordering a service or campaign is probably one of the best experiences we’ve had, and easy to reach if you have issues. The service quality is great and pricing is more than fair, with low plans for those with lower budgets. Their website is professional, easy to use, and well organized despite the wide array of services offered. Customer support is top notch, and they have good protections in place which show that they care about their customers.

#5 Famoid

Rating: 3.2/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $34.95

Established in 2017, Famoid is a social media promotions company based in Delaware, USA. They offer a variety of services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The company is known for providing real and active users for all their packages. We ordered 5000 Instagram Followers from Famoid to test their services out. Overall we were fairly happy with the order. Our followers came on time but they were about average quality, and didn’t look just like real followers. Although the order went fine, their customer support was unresponsive. They also lack a refund or retention policy, which isn’t a great sign in case something goes wrong with your order.

#6 Mr.Insta

Rating: 2.7/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $59

Mr. Insta is a dedicated to providing Instagram promotional tools. It offers free followers and likes for new members, giving them a good starting point. This website it does not guarantee us the prompt and quality delivery of the followers and likes. If you are someone who is looking for a shout out about your product or services to quality accounts and if you are someone who is banking on this for building the credibility and product image, then you may have to consider twice due to their lack of transparency.

#7 Stormlikes

Rating: 2.1/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $44.99

StormLikes is a Instagram Marketing service provider known for offering instant Instagram likes on your posts. They were founded in 2009 and are based in the US. They only offer services for Instagram, which include Likes, Automatic Likes and Followers, which makes them a very niche provider. The main concerns with StormLikes is the quality of followers you will get, as some followers do not look like authentic users, and that they failed to deliver our entire order.

#8 Plusmein

Rating: 1.4/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $44.99

Plusmein offers growth and engagement services for Instagram.They have the option to provide Free 15 Instagram followers but unfortunately the followers were really bad and of low quality which will eventually disappear. Plusmein also does not guarantee that the followers or likes they deliver are of any decent quality. This leaves us to question if it’s even worth paying in the first place.

#9 iDigic

Rating: 1.2/5
We purchased: 5000 Instagram Followers
Price: $39.95

iDigic is meant to deliver the order instantly without any delay. It promises the delivery for the paid promotion. Unlike other social media marketing services it does not guarantee the permanency of the followers or quality, consistency etc. They also mentioned on their website that the followers will share your images within their networks in the initial stage, which sets an ideal platform for you to promote your business.

#10 Buy1000Followers

Rating: 0.4/5
We purchased: 2500 Instagram Followers
Price: $19.99

Buy1000Followers has been in business since 2013, and have offered a variety of social media marketing services for different platforms during that time. Buy1000Followers lacks the transparency of your product or service into the market. Instead of choosing such platforms it’s always best to select the desired website to get real and active Instagram followers even through it cost little bit high when compared with other services.


Why should you buy Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram Followers gives you social credibility. This is the quickest way to boost your perceived authority upwards. Instagram profiles with lots of followers look more trustworthy than those with very few. Top ranked providers listed above (SMMSumo, FollowersZeal) will offers real Instagram Followers, which will also increase your organic growth. Also those with social widgets on their website, which displays Instagram follower or engagement counters will see an extension in online sales, conversions, and clicks on their website.

Will Instagram know if you buy followers?

No, Instagram won’t know if you buy likes. We tested and found that the above listed website provides orders anonymously and also are MD5 Servers encrypted( 256 bit SSL protection). There is the potential for you to lose some of your followers if Instagram deletes them, but this is unlikely if you chose a quality service provider. To keep this from happening, make sure that you use the high-quality providers listed above.

Are the Instagram followers I bought legit?

This mostly depends on the provider you chose. There are those who rely on poor techniques to deliver Instagram followers, such as using fake accounts to like your posts. There are also those who go the distance and actually provide real high-quality followers. The followers would be real users with complete profiles, posts, and followers of their own. That is why it’s important to be well-informed about the provider you’re doing business with. You want one who will deliver organic-looking followers that won’t harm your reputation on Instagram.

How do companies deliver Instagram followers?

Every company is different and uses their own set of techniques and methods to deliver Instagram followers to your account. This can include simple fake followers network, or have advanced ad targeting campaigns with real followers behind it. In our reviews, we stated and reviewed each company’s methods, so be sure to read them above!

Can you get banned from Instagram for buying followers?

Since you won’t be spamming anyone, and you can not control who follows your account, your account is usually very safe. If the followers are delivered to you in an unnatural fashion, or too quickly, then they may be deleted from your account. Generally, your profile is safe from any banning when you buy followers.